Month: September 2011

BackTrack 5


BackTrack 5 is a “Penetration Testing Distribution”; it’s a specific linux distribution packed with all tools a security expert might need. These tools are used for system penetration or hacking (in the true sense of the word). You can fetch a live CD, or usb-install. I’ve always been an adept of the open source movement, and was an intensive Linux user during my university computer science studies. I would like to quote: “As a cryptography […]

The Internet Archive.


I’ve heard about the Internet Archive before. But now I went to visit it for a while. The internet archive builds an internet library (founded in 1996!) and you can go and visit any site to see it’s historic life. For example, go and have a look how well-known sites looked like before, or in the beginning. E.g. Google in 1998, hosted at Stanford University. Or how I found out how the previous website and […]