Month: April 2015

Product owner value game

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agile-lean games
product owner value game: refinement on-going

Product owner value game Dit game is ontworpen door Paul Kuijten en Dajo Breddels. De context van de simulatie is om de rol en verantwoordelijkheden van een product owner beter te leren kennen en aan te leren. De simulatie focust zich dus op de backlog. Wat is de rol van een product owner in een organisatie? De product owner is verantwoordelijk voor het maximaliseren van de waarde van het product of service dat gemaakt wordt. De […]

getKanban: board game to learn and experience Kanban (software development)

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getKanban3: some items deployed

getKanban is a board game, which enables you to learn and practice Kanban in software development. Kanban Kanban is Japanese. “Kan” translates visual and “ban” means card Kanban is a process tool Kanban works as a pull mechanism (as opposite to a push mechanism) Kanban visualizes flow Kanban limits work-in-progress By limiting work-in-progress, bottlenecks in the flow will become visible By visualizing bottlenecks, there’s an opportunity to improve the process flow (to remove the bottlenecks, […]

Book review and summary: Kanban for skeptics

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Kanban for skeptics

“Kanban for skeptics” is a book describing the purpose of Kanban and withdrawing any arguments against or any misconceptions. In general, folks regularly have misunderstandings regarding concepts, frameworks, and methodologies… in that perspective I like the intention of the book. Some might say the book is not a traditional explanation to a subject, which is the case – on the other hand that was not the intention of the book. If you’re new to Kanban, […]

Slacker manifesto

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“As we all know, a sustainable pace is important for the quality of the end product and the health of the team. Some slack is needed to get your senses together or reflect on the future of the product which allows the team to take better decisions during the course of delivery.” From: “Kanban for skeptics“, by Nick Oostvogels. This made me think about the importance of slack time – it was taken to a […]

Mini XP Days Benelux 2015

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XP Days Benelux

XP Days Benelux is een jaarlijkse conferentie over XP, Agile, Lean en gaat afwisselend door in België en Nederlands. Er is per jaar een volledige editie (Maxi XP Days)  en een mini editie (Mini XP Days) die het beste van de sessies van de vorige Maxi terug uitbrengt. Dit is een verslag van 4 sessies die ik bijgewoond heb tijdens de Mini XP Days Benelux 2015. Product owner game (door Paul Kuijten) (Educatieve) games bieden […]