Month: October 2015

What is the Daily Scrum for?

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Daily Scrum

The daily scrum / daily stand-up / daily huddle. Oh well. The good questions are: 1. What have you done yesterday that contributes to reach the sprint goal? 2. What will you do today that contributes to reach the sprint goal? 3. Do you encounter any impediments/issues/problems that prevent you from reaching the sprint goal? The habit of each person listing all the things he has done yesterday, and what he will do today is […]

Lean UX cycle

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Lean UX cycle

Lean UX = applying Lean and Lean Startup principles to User eXperience. Remove waste from the UxD process Too much too often product (software) design and development is document-driven. With the agile manifesto and principles in mind, we want to focus on creating great and valuable products (software) and releasing these early and often to get valuable end-user feedback, in order to improve our products (software) iteratively and incrementally. Forget about the overload of UxD […]

Exploring team dynamics

The success of team work, quote by Henry Ford

Topic of this short talk: team / group dynamics. The point is that you need to be aware of any dynamics happening in your team / group! Agile by example 2015: lightning talk – exploring team dynamics from Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse Contents of the presentation: Slide 1: Intro video (ants) Nice illustration of actual teamwork 🙂 Slide 2: Teamwork Teamwork is the corner stone of any successful undertaking. Teamwork is an individual skill. The purpose of […]

Lean UX: What is Lean UX?

lean ux
Lean UX cycle

Lean UX is about apply lean principles to User eXperience. Why? There are 2 main observations: Bad UX. Failed products. Unfortunately, there are still too many (software) products and services built and released on the market, that do not fit the customers’ needs. This is a long lasting pain in software development. Nowadays thanks to modern web & mobile technologies, possibilities are endless. But than again there are still too many useless, badly designed, wrongly understood, misfit […]

Agile By Example 2015

Agile By Example 2015

Agile by Example (taking place in Warsaw, Poland) is a great conference. The 1st day there are workshops, the 2nd and 3rd day the conference takes place in a cinema! Great presentations, on a huge screen and comfortable chairs to sit in. One could say that there’s a greater distance between the speaker and the audience, but for me the experience was superior 🙂 Moreover, the speakers were hanging around after their session, so you […]

True cross-functional product development

Real sprints

“Cross-functional” collaboration in (agile) product development means that the whole (complete) product “development” team is participating. Scrum talks about a “development” team, without distinction of role. As such, “developer” means any competence or skill required to create the product or service, not limited to “programming” (writing code). Lean UX heavily promotes the whole product development team participating during the complete product development cycle, from the very beginning. The whole team approach aims to create a […]