Month: December 2016

The Agile landscape – should we care?


Yes, “agile” is an umbrella term, the word was chosen by the signatories of the agile manifesto. Who-ever would be referring to the agile method, doesn’t understand what agile refers to. The existence of many agile methods, frameworks and approaches (no, Scrum is not the only agile method) for single teams and multiple teams illustrates the continuous journey of exploring and uncovering new and better ways of developing products. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it? […]

Agile Manifesto Values add-on for large enterprises

agile / manifesto

We are uncovering better ways of working in large enterprises by doing it and helping others do it. We value: Delighting Customers First over Shareholder Returns First Focusing on Delighting Customers First leads to Shareholder Returns Enterprise-Wide Agility over Agile for Software Development only Optimise for flow, learning and feedback along the whole value stream Empowered Product Teams over Command & Control Role based Work Passing Long live teams with high Alignment, Autonomy and Safety […]


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Plan Do Check Act

Een belangrijk element in een continue verbeteringsproces is een continue cyclus van plannen, uitvoeren, verifiëren en bijstellen. De uitdaging is om deze cyclus herhaaldelijk te blijven uitvoeren, zodat de zin voor kwaliteitsverbetering een continue gegeven wordt. De indeling van deze stappen zijn de stappen zoals aanwezig in de wetenschappelijke methode: het formuleren van een hypothese, het uitvoeren van een experiment, en het evalueren van de resultaten (om de hypothese juist of fout te verklaren). Deze […]

Playing Lean facilitator tips

lean startup

Playing Lean is a business simulation, in the format of a board-game to learn about lean startup principles and practices. The following facilitator tips are based upon those experiences. Some of the tips are more advanced (meaning these take time to prepare). You might not agree with all recommendations, but hey it’s up to you to try 😉 (as an experiment)

Essential Agile


The essentials of Agile software (product) development: Accept that you start not knowing the solution. Understanding is emergent. Take the following approach: Find out where you are Take a small step towards your goal (and if there are multiple choices here, take the path of least regret, or the one that makes future change easier) Adjust your understanding based on what you learned Repeat (Yes, that’s it). — by Pragmatic Dave