Areas of professional interests

  • All domains related to “new ways” of working / collaboration / business models
  • How to create learning organizations
  • How to create resilient organizations which are able to gain from continuous change
  • How to create happy workplaces
  • Modern agility
  • Personal development & productivity
  • Emerging Technologies

About myself

  • I value principles above practices
  • I try to approach the world with an integral view (individual & plural, interior & exterior)

Sources of professional interests

  • Agile software development
  • Lean (Toyota Production System)
  • Kanban, Flow Efficiency
  • Lean Startup, Lean UX, Discovery Kanban
  • Scrum, and Scrum at scale (Large Scale Scrum, …)
  • Collaboration at scale (Sociocracy 3.0)
  • Facilitation & interactions at scale (Liberating Structures, …)
  • Effective communication & collaboration (Crucial conversations & accountability, effective meetings, decision making…)
  • Coaching (Co-active, The Coaching Habit, …)
  • Leadership (The Leadership Circle, Semco Style, Toyota Way Lean Leadership)
  • Management (Agile management, Management 3.0)
  • Training (Training from the back of the room, …)
  • Organizational & social development (Reinventing organizations, Spiral Dynamics)
  • Personal productivity & agility (Personal agility, Personal Kanban, Getting things done)
  • Product management, business analysis & business cases (The lean way, Lean Startup, Lean canvas, Business Model Canvas, Product Ownership)
  • Change (Lean change management)
  • People (agile people management) (not the term “HR”)

Get in touch!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/frederikvannieuwenhuyse/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vfrederik

Let’s meet!

Meet me at any occasion, gathering or meetup

  • Conferences (XP Days Benelux, Agile Tour, Scrum Days, Scrum Gatherings, Lean Kanban, …)
  • Meetups (Agile Belgium, Agile Holland, Lean Startup Belgium, Teal 4 Teal, …)
  • Events (Agile Consortium Belgium, iLean, …)

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