Modern Agile & Anzeneering

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Modern Agile

Modern agile is the result of courage, feedback, simplicity, communication and respect for people.


Modern Agile has 4 disciplines:

Make Users Awesome

Make Safety a Prerequisite

Experiment & Learn Rapidly

Deliver Value Continuously


These principles unfold (expand) in many practices! These are not only applicable to software development.

Protecting people underlies every Lean or Agile practice.

Industrial Logic calls this Anzeneering.

Protecting people is the most important thing we can do, because it frees people to take risks and unlocks their potential.


Tim Ottinger gave me one of the Stop Work Authority cards. You show this card whenever there’s a situation unsafe to yourself or your co-workers! This is similar to the ‘Andon’ cord as originated in Toyota (Lean) Manufacturing. This seems simple, but yet very powerful. Imagine for any unsafe situation (regarding people, work items, environment, …) work is stopped and people – including management – inspects the situation to improve!

Stop Work Authority card

Stop Work Authority card

Learn more about ‘Modern Agile’:

Podcast with Joshua Kerievsky:


  1. “Modern” agile but the five circles in the picture above do relate to the “old” agile manifesto:

    Make Users Awesome – Customer collaboration
    Make Safety a Prerequisite – Individuals and interactions
    Experiment & Learn Rapidly – Responding to change
    Deliver Value Continuously – Working software