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What is the Daily Scrum for?

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Daily Scrum

The daily scrum / daily stand-up / daily huddle. Oh well. The good questions are: 1. What have you done yesterday that contributes to reach the sprint goal? 2. What will you do today that contributes to reach the sprint goal? 3. Do you encounter any impediments/issues/problems that prevent you from reaching the sprint goal? The habit of each person listing all the things he has done yesterday, and what he will do today is […]

Displaying a sprint planning using a Gantt chart

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Displaying a sprint planning using a Gantt chart Gantt charts have been invented and developed by Henry Gantt in the 1910s. These charts became more widely used by the US military during the Word War I. Project managers typically use Gantt charts to visualize the project planning, it visually shows the start and end date of tasks, plus any dependencies. A Gantt chart greatly visualizes how project phases or tasks are to be executed in […]

Wat voornamelijk niet doen bij het vergroten van agile teams

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How NOT to scale agile “Scaling” agile betreft het schalen van agile groter dan het team niveau. Tiago Garcez @tcgarcez gaf hierover een interessante sessie op #atbru 2014. Slides: “How NOT to scale agile”. Deze post is gebaseerd op zijn sessie. Er werden redenen aangehaald dat agile niet zomaar geschaald hoeft te worden; en dat een aantal  praktijken in organisaties haaks staan op agile waarden. 1. Projecten Projecten zijn per definitie eindig. Echter, verandering en […]