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Objective Key-Results

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In any context, objectives (or outcomes) are important as they give guidance or direction; instead of only focusing on solutions. (Solutions in the broad meaning: a product or service, an improvement, a feature, a functionality, …) Quite often, solutions are proposed or defined without an objective in mind. To reach a certain objective, multiple solutions are possible. We want to track progress with respect to objectives, not only solutions. When teams are given an objective, teams […]

User stories resources

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Dilbert: user stories

I’ve been researching on user stories and wanted to share a list of useful resources: User stories and user stories examples (by Mike Cohn) Epics and user stories (by Roman Pichler) 10 Tips for Writing Good User Stories (by Roman Pichler) Conference video on User stories (by Mike Cohn) User story lifecycle (by Charles Bradley) User story mapping (by Jeff Patton) Agile Non-Functional Requirements (“Constraints”) (by Roman Pichler) 14 user story traps (by Charles Bradley) […]