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Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS)

Mind map Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)

Large Scale Scrum Scaling Scrum addresses the questions/challenges which arise when applying Scrum (Agile) in a large context: an organisation or project with multiple teams, possible multiple products. The scale can vary from a few teams to dozens of teams (e.g. a few hundred or even thousands of people). As such a framework for ‘Large scale’ Scrum should be able to scale indefinitely. The challenges/issues involved are: cross-team coordination, organisational design, impediments resolution, backlog refinement […]

Daily (stand-up) status meeting = GIFTS

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Daily (stand-up) status meeting = GIFTS Een dagelijkse status meeting maakt inherent deel uit van het Scrum framework. Ook zonder toepassing van Scrum, is een dagelijkse status meeting heel nuttig. Andere benamingen voor de status meeting zijn: “huddle meeting”, of kortweg: “daily”, of “stand-up”. In het Scrum framework is de officiële benaming: “Daily Scrum” De objectieven van een dergelijke dagelijkse meeting zijn het bespreken van: De stand van zaken van het werk Verbetering van het […]

Scrum Scaled for Large Projects and Organizational Initiatives


Ken Schwaber’s point of view on scaling Scrum. With a smile I’ve read Ken’s comment: “Lately, we have watched with amusement and then growing concern as the methodologists have rolled megaprocesses they assert are the silver-bullets to scaling.” Growing concern, I must concur. As well, I experience how organisations are struggling and seeking how to scale scrum. Recently, Gunther presented the issue at #atbru (Agile tour Brussels) in his talk “Empirical management explored”. My observations: […]