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Audiobooks (my list)

book reviews

The List of Audiobooks (most via Audible) in my library (and I have listened to) (when I find the time, I’ll update this list). Background: I’ve discovered I enjoy much more listening to audiobooks, instead of reading (not that I enjoy reading, but with a family of 3 kids I cannot free up sufficient time for reading). Listening to spoken text works for me very well, I can digest the content and re-listen to parts […]

The Art of Possibility (book tip)

book reviews

Learned about this interesting book – very promising to read / list: First chapter: “It’s all invented”. Standard social and business practices are built on certain assumptions— shared understandings that have evolved from older beliefs and conditions. And while circumstances may have changed since the start of these practices, their continued use tends to reconfirm the old beliefs. For this reason our daily practices feel right and true to us, regardless of whether they have […]

Lean UX book (by Jeff Gothelf)

book reviews
Lean UX (Jeff Gothelf)

Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX book is about applying the principles of lean (startup) to User eXperience. “Lean UX” is part of the Lean Series: a series of books applying the principles of Eric Ries’ Lean Startup to several domains. Lean UX applies the principles of both agile, lean, design thinking and lean startup to the process of creating and design any user experience of any product or a service. “Lean UX” is well-written and has […]