This was Leancamp Brussels 1st edition (2017)

leancamp brussels

LeanCamp is an Open Conference where the worlds of Lean Startup, design thinking, lean innovation, agile and customer experience are connected.

This format is famous across the world for its unleashing of crossovers, knowledge and creating a vibe in the startup community.

What’s an open conference?

An open conference (or ‘unconference’) is organised as an open space. There’s no pre-defined agenda – everyone arrives in the morning and can propose (one or more) topic(s) to speak about. Facilitators  are present to guide the process and take care of practicalities – otherwise the participants themselves make the day happen!

An event following according to ‘Open Space Technology

There were talks on lean startup, lean thinking, agile development and more:

  • Biggest lean startup challenges
  • What is lean?
  • What can we learn from preschool visual management
  • Lean pricing
  • Confluence tricks
  • Self-elected teams over drawing a straw
  • Lean startup @Parcify
  • #noestimates
  • How not to fail as a startup
  • Product management for startups
  • Lean UX testing
  • Lean growth hacking
  • How to best initiate lean/lean startup/agile in a traditional company
  • Lean startup (financing)
  • Chemistry of teamwork

What were the topics?

The schedule of the day is set-up with all participants present (the red stickers are dot votes) – so the participants vote which sessions will take place. The open space provides different tracks and sufficient session slots, so there’s a diversity of topics.

Leancamp Brussels 2017 photo - 19

A summary of the learnings

Photos of Leancamp Brussels


  1. I had a great time and made new friends! The graphical note taker on my topic did miss quite a few important subtleties regarding the NoEstimates topic though. I’m not a big supporter of the method, although I recognise the value in looking for alternatives to estimates in certain cases. There are a lot of professional critics of the NE movement who’s voice isn’t heard enough imho. Look into the #noestimates hastag on Twitter, there’s a lot of controversy and that’s for a reason. The goal of my talk was emphasising the opposing views, which required explaining NoEstimates.

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