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Exploring team dynamics

The success of team work, quote by Henry Ford

Topic of this short talk: team / group dynamics. The point is that you need to be aware of any dynamics happening in your team / group! Agile by example 2015: lightning talk – exploring team dynamics from Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse Contents of the presentation: Slide 1: Intro video (ants) Nice illustration of actual teamwork 🙂 Slide 2: Teamwork Teamwork is the corner stone of any successful undertaking. Teamwork is an individual skill. The purpose of […]

Agile By Example 2015

Agile By Example 2015

Agile by Example (taking place in Warsaw, Poland) is a great conference. The 1st day there are workshops, the 2nd and 3rd day the conference takes place in a cinema! Great presentations, on a huge screen and comfortable chairs to sit in. One could say that there’s a greater distance between the speaker and the audience, but for me the experience was superior 🙂 Moreover, the speakers were hanging around after their session, so you […]