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The Agile landscape – should we care?


Yes, “agile” is an umbrella term, the word was chosen by the signatories of the agile manifesto. Who-ever would be referring to the agile method, doesn’t understand what agile refers to. The existence of many agile methods, frameworks and approaches (no, Scrum is not the only agile method) for single teams and multiple teams illustrates the continuous journey of exploring and uncovering new and better ways of developing products. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it? […]

Personal reflections: the world of software development


10 years ago I’ve entered the IT world with the exciting expectations to create truly amazing software. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless, the technology advances fast, there are plenty of opportunities for innovation. It’ an exciting world! Unfortunately, from time to time, the process to create software (for internal or external use), is clogged down by overly-prescriptive processes, coordination chaos, organizational barriers, technical mediocrity or simply the unwillingness (failure) to understand that software development is […]

Principes achter het Agile Manifest

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Na een aantal jaren in IT consultancy en participatie in kleine en grote projecten; ben ik toch wel heilig overtuigd van de noodzaak van de Agile principes. Dit zijn de grondbeginselen horende bij het Agile Manifest: 1. Onze hoogste prioriteit is het tevredenstellen van de klant door het vroegtijdig en voortdurend opleveren van waardevolle software. 2. Verwelkom veranderende behoeftes, zelfs laat in het ontwikkelproces. Agile processen benutten verandering tot concurrentievoordeel van de klant. 3. Lever […]