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getKanban: board game to learn and experience Kanban (software development)

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getKanban3: some items deployed

getKanban is a board game, which enables you to learn and practice Kanban in software development. Kanban Kanban is Japanese. “Kan” translates visual and “ban” means card Kanban is a process tool Kanban works as a pull mechanism (as opposite to a push mechanism) Kanban visualizes flow Kanban limits work-in-progress By limiting work-in-progress, bottlenecks in the flow will become visible By visualizing bottlenecks, there’s an opportunity to improve the process flow (to remove the bottlenecks, […]

Book review and summary: Kanban for skeptics

Kanban for skeptics

“Kanban for skeptics” is a book describing the purpose of Kanban and withdrawing any arguments against or any misconceptions. In general, folks regularly have misunderstandings regarding concepts, frameworks, and methodologies… in that perspective I like the intention of the book. Some might say the book is not a traditional explanation to a subject, which is the case – on the other hand that was not the intention of the book. If you’re new to Kanban, […]