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Assumption-driven development: hypothesis writing

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THINK: assumptions and hypothesis Instead of expressing “requirements” we consider assumptions and we declare hypothesis statements. A hypothesis statement is a way of expressing assumptions in a testable form. Reality often shows that the creators of a product or services are not sure what a user actually needs or wants, or how it should work, with regard to the user experience. But quite often organizations, or companies simply proceed with their idea for functionality or […]

Lean UX book (by Jeff Gothelf)

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Lean UX (Jeff Gothelf)

Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX book is about applying the principles of lean (startup) to User eXperience. “Lean UX” is part of the Lean Series: a series of books applying the principles of Eric Ries’ Lean Startup to several domains. Lean UX applies the principles of both agile, lean, design thinking and lean startup to the process of creating and design any user experience of any product or a service. “Lean UX” is well-written and has […]

Lean UX cycle

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Lean UX cycle

Lean UX = applying Lean and Lean Startup principles to User eXperience. Remove waste from the UxD process Too much too often product (software) design and development is document-driven. With the agile manifesto and principles in mind, we want to focus on creating great and valuable products (software) and releasing these early and often to get valuable end-user feedback, in order to improve our products (software) iteratively and incrementally. Forget about the overload of UxD […]

Lean UX: What is Lean UX?

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Lean UX cycle

Lean UX is about apply lean principles to User eXperience. Why? There are 2 main observations: Bad UX. Failed products. Unfortunately, there are still too many (software) products and services built and released on the market, that do not fit the customers’ needs. This is a long lasting pain in software development. Nowadays thanks to modern web & mobile technologies, possibilities are endless. But than again there are still too many useless, badly designed, wrongly understood, misfit […]

True cross-functional product development

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“Cross-functional” collaboration in (agile) product development means that the whole (complete) product “development” team is participating. Scrum talks about a “development” team, without distinction of role. As such, “developer” means any competence or skill required to create the product or service, not limited to “programming” (writing code). Lean UX heavily promotes the whole product development team participating during the complete product development cycle, from the very beginning. The whole team approach aims to create a […]

Getting out of the deliverables business

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Once upon a time, there was a marketing guy, with great ideas for a new software application. He hired a business analyst, who described all those ideas in formal fully documented business requirements (including use-cases, business rules, exceptions …). This deliverable was handed over to a User Interface / User Experience expert who created detailed the User Interface (including wireframes, site maps, screen flows, mock-ups,…) and described all the user interactions. Next, a functional analyst […]