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Agile Transformation is a strategy, not a goal.


I came across an interesting article on InfoQ, it’s titled “Transforming from Projects to Products“. If you want deeper understanding on topics, InfoQ offers descent and great articles. So I’d like you (someone in any position who plans or is part of an “agile transformation” to read this). Excerpts of the article: The general understanding and perception of “Agile” or “agile” ” ‘Agile’ as we have come to know it whether we mean Scrum, Kanban, […]

Managing Agile Teams with Project Managers


Managing Agile Teams with Project Managers. My thoughts regarding this article on InfoQ: Indeed – Scrum by the book indicates there’s no project management role. The Scrum master protects the team from outside interference. Any stakeholder must speak to the product owner regarding any type of product “requirement” or “desire”. In traditionally structured organisation, I see a lot of project overhead: programme managers, end-2-end project managers, IT delivery managers, team managers (business, business acceptance testing, […]

Agile engineering and collaboration culture at Spotify


When thinking about working/collaboration cultures, and how to transform existing organizational cultures towards agile, we know a lot must change regarding organizational structures, processes, people and their mindset. Spotify is an excellent example of how the whole company is organized in agile way while adopting the principles, and adapting the practices. Thanks to Henrik Kniberg for creating and sharing this (original link) “Agile at scale requires trust at scale” “No politics. No fear.” “If everything […]