Agile engineering and collaboration culture at Spotify

When thinking about working/collaboration cultures, and how to transform existing organizational cultures towards agile, we know a lot must change regarding organizational structures, processes, people and their mindset.

Spotify is an excellent example of how the whole company is organized in agile way while adopting the principles, and adapting the practices.

Thanks to Henrik Kniberg for creating and sharing this (original link)

“Agile at scale requires trust at scale”

“No politics. No fear.”

Spotify engineering culture (part 1)

“If everything is under control, you’re going too slow.”

“Minimize the need for big projects.”

“Experimental friendly culture.”

“Waste-repellent culture.”

Spotify engineering culture (part 2)

Update: some years later we see many organisations trying to duplicate the Spotify “organisational model”. Be aware, organisations can try to copy the “structure and entities” but (obviously) this doesn’t make your organisations like Spotify! You cannot simply copy an organisational culture… create your own, based upon your vision, principles and values.