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Agile Product Ownership: 9 Essentials for Product Success


packageContributed by Ellen Gottesdiener

The key to product success is to discover and deliver the right product for the right customers—and to do it at the right time. That doesn’t change when you move to an agile way of working. In fact, appropriately applying the agile mindset amplifies the imperative of eliciting and specifying the right requirements. The goal is to deliver the highest value product needs (requirements) in as short a time as possible.

In an agile or lean project, discovering these requirements is the work of agile product ownership. Product ownership intersects with the disciplines of product management, project management, and business analysis/requirements engineering. Agile and lean teams use different titles for the person in charge of this work, including product owner, product champion, associate product manager, or technical product manager.

Whatever the title, agile product ownership is no small task. Product owners are the champions of the product—and have…

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