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Workshops, trainings, gatherings, meetups.

Workshops, training, gatherings I am involved in – if you are interested or you want to know more about the topic: let me know! Share and learn.

24th of November, 2016: XP Days Benelux, 2016: Lean startup boardgame

XP Days Benelux 2016

23 november, 2016: Agile Dojo “Creëren van een waardevol softwareproduct”

Agile Holland

4th of November, 2016: Lean Kanban Benelux – Lean startup simulation

Lean Kanban Benelux

21th of October, 2016: Agile Tour London – Playing Lean session

Agile Tour London 2016 Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse Lean Startup game

Agile Tour London

17th of October, 2016: Scrum Alliance gathering (Munich) session –  The question today isn’t: “Can we build this?’ but, “Should we build this?”

Scrum Alliance Gathering Munich


23th of September, 2016: Agile Tour Brussels – Playing Lean session

Agile Tour Brussels

30th of August, 2016: iLean – Playing Lean session Playing Lean session

26th of August, 2016: Darefest – Happiness for teams session (Management 3.0)

Darefest Antwerp

11th of July, 2016: Agile Belgium – Lego Serious Play workshop

Agile Belgium Meetup

30th of May, 2016: Agile Belgium – Management 3.0 workshop

Agile Belgium Meetup

7th of April, 2016: Agile Tuesday – Playing Lean workshop

Agile Tuesday Meetup

8th of January, 2016: Lean Startup: Playing Lean workshop

Full day workshop on Lean Startup, learn while Playing Lean

Tickets here

December 14th, 2015: Agile Belgium – Agile Games Night

An evening of agile, lean, collaboration, team simulations, games: share and learn!

Read about the evening

November 2nd, 2015: Agile Tour Brussels: Lean UX workshop

Intro workshop on Lean UX: applying principles of lean, design thinking and agile product engineering. From hypotheses, to designing experiments and the importance of metrics. Apply the cycle of “Build, measure, learn” to the design of your product or service and its User eXperience.

Agile Tour Brussels

September 28th, 2015: Agile By Example – Lean UX workshop: Cross-functional product design

Intro workshop on lean approach to product design and development.

Agile By Example 2015

September 10th, 2015: Agile Belgium – Agile Games Night

Read about the evening


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