Kudo cards
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Kudo Cards – Management 3.0

Receiving a thank you is great, but actually showing appreciation to colleagues, friends, family for something they’ve done for you is even more satisfying! In a professional context, showing gratitude is happening too less – because of different reasons: it’s uncommon (regarded as ‘not done’, it’s not part of the culture, etc). Although said and proven in research, showing gratitude is a great intrinsic incentive: this is essential to keep your employees motivated! Organizations should be as aware about intrinsic motivators as extrinsic motivators.

How can we achieve this?

Discover “Kudo Cards”

Kudo cards

Kudo cards

Kudo cards are a way to express gratitude in a written and visible way. Express your gratitude to a colleague for completing a task, giving support, helping you out, meeting a deadline, whatever! A kudo is written and given by your peers (including ‘hierarchical’ peers) – in fact, everyone can give a Kudo to everyone!

Kudo box

Kudo box

Management 3.0 provides you with these kind of Kudo cards, that makes it easy to get started! You can buy the Kudo cards, or download and print them yourself. The idea is that anyone can take, write and give a Kudo card at anytime – or you can collect them at regular moments to distribute the Kudos (for example as part of the retrospective). Or you can stick up on the wall.

Kudo box

You can easily create the Kudo box yourself. As I did: take a shoe box and make it colorful! The thank you and achievement cards are available to everyone. See the pictures below!

Kudo box

Kudo box

How to begin?

The best way to introduce this practice is to start yourself! We’ve started this practice in our team, try to make it visible for others and inspire others to participate or make a Kudo box for their own team! Give an example!

Kudo 2 you!


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