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Management 3.0? Huh, what?

Agile Strides

Ralph… you are blogging, organizing workshop/trainings, attending MeetUps and you are often talking about Management 3.0, but I never heard of it! What is this Management 3.0? Why do you bother?” Well, in short: Management 3.0 is about engaging people, improving everything and delighting the customers.

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Or, as I would explain it to my grandmother (who was born in 1921): it is about making sure that all team members care about what they do, that they try to make things better every day and that the customers are happy. The goal of a boss in all of this is just to make sure that in the end, the people can do this without his help. So he can go and play golf or something, or he can focus on new groups of people.

“OK… I now hear you think: why call it Management 3.0? Is there also a Management…

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