Agile/lean podcasts!

Listening to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn and to listen in to conversations with people you’ve might have heard of, but you don’t really know who they are. Podcasts are a tremendous source to learn about new topics – virtually anything!

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a while, mainly topics relevant to my professional occupation – but there are many many podcasts out there! I listen to podcast when commuting to work, on public transport or you can connect your mobile phone using bluetooth to your car audio system. At home in the evening, I can enjoy listening to a podcast (or an audiobook) – it’s a different experience than reading a book or blog – and I find it more relaxing.

Recommended podcasts on the topic of agile & lean thinking

Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Host: Vasco Duarte

Format: short episodes (10-15 minutes), from time to time a special longer episode

Content: Interviewing Scrum Masters world-wide

Why I like it: Vasco is a a great interviewer, the podcast has a clear structure, and Vasco is knowledge able on the topic – in other words, he can place questions and answers, he can put items discussed in a larger context. You hear real-world experiences of Scrum Masters. One remark: I do sometimes skip certain episodes if the interviewee doesn’t speak English good enough ūüôā

The podcast has a fixed format: each week a Scrum Master is interviewed. Each day of the week, the Scrum Master interviewed is asked a question.

And some Belgian have been interviewed too! (Gunther Verheyen, Yves Hanoulle)

List of the episodes

Agile for Humans

Host: Ryan Ripley

Format: mostly panel discussions, sometimes interviews with a specific interview during a conference. Episode length around 1 hour average.

Why I like it: these podcasts are recordings of informal chats and panel discussions, with people like¬†Tim Ottinger,¬†Zach Bonaker,¬†Amitai Schleier. By listening you can follow their thoughts process, hear pro’s and con’s and challenge their thinking with your own thinking.

List of the episodes

Agile Uprising

Host(s): Ryan Lockard, Andy Cleff and others.

Format: panel discussions, interviews

Why I like it:

  • The Agile Uprising are interviewing some of the prominent principal agile & lean thinkers. This is a great chance to hear some of the thought leaders, talking about the past, present and future of agile and lean. Interviews with:¬†Mary and Tom Poppendeick, Martin Fowler, Jurgen Appelo, Jeff Gothelf, David Anderson, Joshua Kerievsky, Jason Little, Ken Schwaber, Ron Jeffries, Jeff Sutherland, Andy Hunt, Mike Beedle, Bob Martin (Uncle Bob), Alistair Cockburn, and many others!
  • The Agile Uprising had a project in which they interviewed most of the agile manifesto signatories. You can hear them speak about how the agile manifesto for software development came about, how the term ‘agile‘ was chosen, and how actually that meeting at Snowbird, Utah, in 2001 went.

Listen to the Manifesto Author Review. (currently 14 out of 17 of the original signatories have been interviewed)

I can highly recommend the episodes of the manifesto author interviews – the set of questions are largely the same for all interviewees:

  • What were your activities and professional occupations with regard to the “lightweight” software development processes prior to 2001?
  • How did you get invited to the event at Snowbird?
  • How did the event went? The day prior, the 1st day and 2nd day – you can insight how the word “agile” came about
  • What are your thought on how the agile movement grew, since 2001?

Agile Uprising List of episodes