Daily Scrum

What is the Daily Scrum for?

The daily scrum / daily stand-up / daily huddle. Oh well.

The good questions are:
1. What have you done yesterday that contributes to reach the sprint goal?
2. What will you do today that contributes to reach the sprint goal?
3. Do you encounter any impediments/issues/problems that prevent you from reaching the sprint goal?

The habit of each person listing all the things he has done yesterday, and what he will do today is quite besides the point. The daily scrum is not a status meeting, it’s not a reporting meeting. In essence people should say what and how they’re progressing towards the sprint goal, and think and act as team how to plan their work together… for the next 24 hours. So yes, it’s a planning meeting, for the shortest iteration: the next 24 hours.

There are many “anti-patterns” regarding the daily scrum:
– Talking to the board, and not to the people
– No board at all
– Talking only to the scrum master
– Not expressing the progress of what your working on
– Having no sprint goals (so nothing to measure against)
– Talking too much, speaking about sprint goal – irrelevant stuff (for example discussing tasks in detail)
– Discussing problems and solutions in great detail > these should be taken offline, by preference the discussion continues in subgroups (with the relevant people), directly after the daily scrum (when the topic is still hot).