The 7 product dimensions

Slicing for value: 7 product dimensions

The 7 product dimensions (by Ellen Gottesdiener) help to think to discover product options and create pieces of value.

The 7 product dimensions
The 7 product dimensions

Download the PDF version of the 7 product dimensions

You want to make sure your product backlog items (e.g. user stories) are in a “READY to start” state.

There exists an INVEST acronym to help to make sure user stories are well-specified:

  • Independent
  • Negotiable
  • Valuable
  • Estimable
  • Small
  • Testable

When creating user stories, you can use the 7 product dimensions to slice for value.

Getting to value is a collaborative work of the product owner and the product development team.

Look holistically at the product requirements across the seven dimensions engage stakeholders holistically.

Successful agile teams think of product partners with the customer, business owners, and technology.

Statistics show that the end-user does not use 2/3rd of the features delivered: avoid building useless features – therefore engage with all stakeholders throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

The user never knows what they want until they see a working piece of the product.

How to use the 7 product dimensions?

Facilitate a structured conversation during product backlog refinement

  • Use the 7 product dimensions as a tool to discover and explore within the 7 product dimensions. Visualise the different options for better understanding.
  • Evaluate and assemble options into cohesive user stories
  • Confirm the user stories and provide acceptance criteria