Scrum Scaled for Large Projects and Organizational Initiatives

“Lately, we have watched with amusement and then growing concerned as the methodologists have rolled mega processes they assert are the silver-bullets to scaling.”

Ken Schwaber

A growing concern, I must concur. I also experience how organisations are struggling and seeking how to scale Scrum. Recently, Gunther presented the issue at #atbru (Agile tour Brussels) in his talk “Empirical management explored”.

My observations:
* Organisations not yet able to decently organise Scrum at the team level should not embark on a journey to scale Scrum beyond that team level.
* If such organisations attempt to scale Scrum, they will scale dysfunctions.
* Organisations still stuck in the classic management paradigm are steer-less to get product creation organised incrementally and iteratively. These organisations mix Scrum with many waterfall practices (predictive long-term project planning, wild guesstimates, lack of transparency). On the way, they end up with a self-defined framework, mixing it all up.

The bottom line is:
* Invest wisely to get organised to transform your teams to Scrum
* Invest wisely to maximise Scrum at a team level, following with multiple teams and following with multiple products > this subsequent growing approach is the sound approach to scale
* Live and breathe the Scrum Stance and agile values
> Invest in people and teams
> Manage and plan based upon real metrics and evidence
> Focus on business value

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