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Agile Games Night IV

The 4th edition of the Agile Belgium games night was quite exciting! Thanks to all participants and special thanks to VRT for hosting the event. Our games backlog: Icebreaker Simple sort Conflict resolution One chair left Plane prototyping Parallel sort Icebreaker The purpose if to… Read More

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Ball point game

The ball point game is a game great for introducing the principles of Scrum and the Deming Cycle (PDCA-cycle). The game is quite often used in Scrum courses. Hereby a description reblogged (see sources at the end of the page). Rules The point of this… Read More

product owner value game: refinement on-going
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Product owner value game

Product owner value game Dit game is ontworpen door Paul Kuijten en Dajo Breddels. De context van de simulatie is om de rol en verantwoordelijkheden van een product owner beter te leren kennen en aan te leren. De simulatie focust zich dus op de backlog. Wat… Read More