Happiness door – Management 3.0

Imagine you’re having a meeting, a workshop, a retrospective, a training, … do you know how your attendees are feeling? How do they evaluate their experience?

The goal is to collect people’s feedback on a quantitative level (what’s your rating, your score?) as a qualitative level (how do you feel, what do you like, what could be improved? etc.).

Usually, this is done via “feedback forms,” which works well at the end of a more extended session or training. But applying this for any gathering is very interesting!

You can easily integrate ways to collect feedback in any meeting.

Management 3.0 proposes the feedback or “happiness” door.

Locate a space to create this feedback wall – and yes, indeed, we often generate this feedback wall on the door – make sure the feedback wall is visible when the door is open and people are leaving.

Make some happiness level indications: happy, sad, angry, ideas, …

Try to make it colorful!

And most importantly, feedback on the happiness door is immediately actionable! Gather all participants and ask for feedback about the feedback! Use it to improve the meeting on the spot.

Some other tips:

– Inform people beforehand about this way of giving feedback

– During a more extended session (e.g., a day session), trigger participants to put feedback during the break (e.g., just before lunch)

– Try out the happiness door not only for meetings but also daily. Create a space for feedback in your team environment and use it as an information radiator

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jopq0C7dRZo]