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Agile coach
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What is an agile coach?

The true value of coaching, however, is to build the capability of the existing team. Rather than making choices for the team, the coach provides guidance about the choices available, perhaps making recommendations, and encouraging them to consider the options and choose their actions. The… Read More

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Things I hate about Agile

Originally posted on @tisquirrel:
You think my life in agile world is ideal? No. There are several things that I really hate about agile. So let’s start our “two minutes hate”. Here they are: 1) How often word “agile” is used Usually it is used…

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Feature Teams

The Development Team (a.k.a. the team) By the Scrum guide: Self-organising: the team determines itself how to organise and execute their work Cross-functional: the team possesses all the necessary skills and competences to produce a potentially shippable product increment Feature team The term feature team… Read More