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Work Expo – Management 3.0

How to visualise a purpose? How to share a vision? How to tell your story? Quite often organisation have a vision, a mission statement (for their org, their product, their team…) But words don’t convey the message. What you should do it show, don’t tell!… Read More

Moving Motivators step 1
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Moving motivators – Management 3.0

Why do we do the things we do? What motivates a person, what drives a team? What’s holding a team back? Mgt 3.0 has defined 10 intrinsic motivators (desires) – in the “moving motivators” exercise you can discover and reflect upon what motivates you and… Read More

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Management 3.0? Huh, what?

Originally posted on Agile Strides:
Ralph… you are blogging, organizing workshop/trainings, attending MeetUps and you are often talking about Management 3.0, but I never heard of it! What is this Management 3.0? Why do you bother?” Well, in short: Management 3.0 is about engaging people, improving…

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Happiness door – Management 3.0

Imagine you’re having a meeting, a workshop, a retrospective, a training, … do you know how your attendees are feeling, how do they evaluate their experience? The goal is to collect feedback of people both on a quantitative (what’s your rating, your score?) as a… Read More