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November 2021: XP Days Benelux 2021

Agile Coaching Ethics session (with Shane Hastie)

October 2021: Agile Tour

Agile Tour Brussels 2021

Session: Intro to Personal Agility

Agile Tour Vilnius 2021

July 2021: Agile 2021 (by Agile Alliance)

March 2021: Agile Consortium Belgium online conference


February 2021: Agile20Reflect Festival

October 2020: Agile Tour 2020 (Online)

Agile Tour Brussels 2020: Pulling in practices from Sociocracy 3.0

As a Scrum Master, you’re facilitating growth for your team. Beyond Scrum as a process, what else is at stake? How can you facilitate team decisions, clarify roles & responsibilities? In this session we will introduce a few patterns from Sociocracy 3.0 and how these might help you as a Scrum Master, beginner or experienced.

Agile Tour Vilnius 2020: Liberating Structures (Online)

Create online engagement with Liberating Structures

June 2020: XP2020

Facilitation of Liberating Structures

10 februari 2020: Teal 4 Teal Meetup: Liberating Structures


Agile Consortium Brussel 2020

Session: “Host Leadership”, https://brussels2020.agileconsortium.net/

XP Days Benelux 2019

  • Session “Product Owner as Facilitator
  • Session: “Agile decision making

22nd-23rd of May, 2019: Heart of Agile Training

29th of March, 2019: BA & Beyond 2019, Amsterdam

Workshop facilitation

More info on https://ba-beyond.eu/2019-programme.php#workshop

13th of March, 2019: Sociocracy 3.0 experiences


18th of February, 2019: Agile Belgium Meetup: Heart of Agile


7th of February, 2019: Impactful agility with Liberating Structures @Agile Consortium Belgium Congress

More info on https://brussels2019.agileconsortium.net

24th of January, 2019: Liberating Structures Meetup (Gent)


30th of November, 2018: From developer focus to a product-based mindset – XP Days Benelux 2018

Mixing product discovery and delivery in 1 multi-disciplinary team

Show & tell of real-life experiences of product & feature “discovery” (“building the right product”). How to create flow in ‘product discovery’? How to validate what we are building/learning? Are we building the right stuff? How to engage a development team in this process? We share our challenges, what worked and didn’t work.

29th of November, 2018: Rejuvenate your meetings with Liberating Structures – XP Days Benelux 2018

Introduce tiny shifts in the way you meet, plan, decide and relate to one another.

We value “individuals & interactions”.

“The most efficient and effective method of conveying information is face-to-face conversation.“

The conventional structures you know to organise how people routinely work together hold back inclusion and engagement. Conventional structures are either too inhibiting (presentations, status reports and managed discussions) or too loose and disorganised (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage people.

In this fully interactive session you’ll experience new ‘micro-structures’ to facilitate interactions, conversations, create shared understanding, … in small and large groups, in any kind of meeting or gathering. This session will be successful when you know how to better facilitate interactions between individuals.

28 november, 2018: Sociocracy 3.0 introductie sessie bij Teal for Teal Eindhoven

Sociocracy 3.0 Teal for Teal (Eindhoven)

Georganiseerd door Stefan Groenendal.

31th of October, 2018: Emergent wisdom from individuals and their interactions – Agile Tour Brussels 2018

How can we use the collective intelligence and experience to solve our problems in a mutual and collaborative way? What are the tools, practices and formats of sessions that foster this knowledge sharing and co-creation? What’s the difference between facilitating and hosting? How can we use it for small, medium and big groups? We, the session organisers, are mere facilitators and hosts. We will be using different techniques in this session, (and each technique we will shortly debrief so you know how and to use it.)… and we will debrief about each technique and discuss where and how to use it.

23 oktober 2018: Sociocratie 3.0 introductie: opschalen van communicatie en samenwerking op een agile manier


Introductie sessie tot Sociocracy 3.0, specifiek over het faciliteren van rolselectie.

4th of October, 2018: Rejuvenate your meetings! – JOIN 2018

Do your meetings suck? Are you attending either presentation-style meetings or free-format brainstorms? In this fully interactive session you’ll experience new ‘micro-structures’ to facilitate interactions, conversations, create shared understanding, … in small and large groups, in any kind of meeting or gathering.

27th of September, 2018: Liberating Structures – Agile Consortium Belgium

Inner Circle event on Liberating Structures. In short, Liberating Structures are facilitation techniques and micro-structures for interaction and conversation – “including and unleashing everyone”.

26 juni, 2018: Wendbaarder, gelukkiger en effectiever met Sociocratie 3.0

(Samen met Dette van Zeeland) Link naar sessie

Worstel je ermee om teams zelfsturend te helpen worden? Ben je de trage, bureaucratische hiërarchie in je organisatie beu maar wil je ook niet in chaos terechtkomen? Heb je zin om met nieuwe ideeën en technieken aan de slag te gaan?

Dan is deze gratis avondsessie iets voor jou! Je krijgt een introductie in Sociocratie 3.0 (oftewel S3): een principe-gebaseerde, praktische gids voor bewuster en effectiever samenwerken op elke schaal. S3 beschrijft een verzameling modulaire patronen en technieken rond zelfsturing, besluitvorming en het structureren van een organisatie zonder ‘bazen’. De S3 patronen zijn modulair en meteen inzetbaar en helpen teams en organisaties die naar een meer ‘teal’ manier van samenwerken willen groeien. (Meer info over S3 vind je op www.sociocracy30.org.)

7th of June, 2018: Meetup with Lisette Sutherland, “Modern leadership in the virtual world”


24th of May, 2018: Meetup on Liberating Structures, Luxembourg

Co-organization with Mohamed Gargouri

liberating structures meetup luxembourg 2018
Liberating Structures Luxembourg session 24052018

27th of January, 2018: Lean startup meetup: short-talk “Effective collaboration”

Short-talk about the need for “Effective collaboration and decision making“, also in the context of growing startups.


25th of January, 2018: Liberating Structures session

Interactive session on facilitation techniques of “Liberating Structures”

Liberating Structures session 25-01-2018

7th of December, 2017: Teal 4 Teal meetup – Sociocratische besluitvorming

Sociocracy 3.0 is een praktische gids voor het verbeteren van samenwerking op kleine en grote schaal. Sociocracy 3.0 is ontstaan in 2014 door Bernhard Bockelbrink en James Priest, gebaseerd op sociocratie, met invloeden van Agile en Lean denken.    

Sociocratische besluitvorming
Sociocratische besluitvorming

1st of December, 2017: XP Days Benelux – Experiential learning session: An Integral view on Agile (with Johannes Schartau)

Long description:

Integral: holistic, complete, whole, all-inclusive, global

We are facing a flurry of contradicting ideas and differing perspectives each day like never before. And there is no sign of things slowing down anytime soon. This is true for the world at large, but especially for people working in Agile environments at the cusp of technological advancement.

As the world, our culture, our technology, and our minds evolve, so must our tools for addressing the growing complexity. We use theories as lenses in order to reduce said complexity and make it more manageable. And since there is a staggeringly large amount of tools and theories which help us on our way as coaches and members of Agile teams, one cannot help but wonder how they all fit together.

Using the Integral Agile framework, we can take a step back and not simply look at one true way to solve all problems. Rather, we will be focusing on a meta view of things. We will widen the lens we use to look at the world to include several theories and see how they fit together.

The Integral model / approach / framework makes clear that every event or situation may be understood within the context of interior and exterior dimensions in both the individual and collective dimensions. By looking through the different lenses we are able to assess, understand, and sense what’s happening in a more complete way.

We will help you widen your lens, make you curious to learn from other disciplines, and increase your awareness of your own bias (of course, you don’t have one, but hear us out first). Hopefully, by learning more about the Integral Agile framework, you will be able to handle more complexity and make more sense of the Agile world around you. We will address pathologies you probably weren’t even aware of and show ways towards a healthier and more balanced Agile ecosystem.

Together with the participants, we’re going deep and wide in this interactive session.

We are going to give an overview of the Integral Agile framework and give you the chance to check for your own preference or bias. We will form expert groups for each field, give groups the chance to learn from each other, and finally provide the opportunity to connect so that you can get help on your learning journey after the session has ended.

Our hope is that this is going to help you become a more well-rounded Agile Coach or practitioner. We want to help you make your Agile transitions more successful.

Integral Agile session at XP Days Belgium 2017
Integral Agile session at XP Days Belgium 2017

30th of November, 2017: XP Days Benelux – Talk: Practices for effective meetings, proposal forming and decision making

The goal of this session is to share experiences regarding meeting facilitation and more specifically decision-making practices. Those kind of meetings which have as goal to decide on a next action, or a proposal to move forward. Quite often people spend time in meetings, but are not actively involved. Or worse: people are part of meetings in which “things get decided”, but people are not sharing their opinion in a transparant way (they silently agree). Consequently decisions are made which are not widely accepted. We will explain the technique of proposal forming and sociocratic consent decision making as an alternative for other existing decision making techniques. We invite you to come and listen to our experiences of applying this method in real work life.

Practices for effective meetings, proposal forming and decision making.
Practices for effective meetings, proposal forming and decision making.

14th of November, 2017: Agile Belgium meetup – Interactive session: Effective collaborative decision making with Sociocracy 3.0! (with Jef Cumps)

Any idea how to make decisions with buy-in, without endless discussing?
This session will trigger your interest in Sociocracy 3.0 (abbreviated to “S3”).

S3 is a recent evolution of The Sociocratic Circle Organisation Method. S3 is designed for easy adoption into lean and agile organisations. S3 provides a coherent collection of principles based patterns and techniques for a conscious and more effective collaboration.

We will provide an overview of the possibilities of S3 and we will apply some of the powerful patterns regarding decision making. We will learn about consent decision making, which combines the speed of autocratic decision making with the collective wisdom and buy-in of consensus decision making. You’ll go home with a technique available to you to try-out immediately (at home and/or at work), enabling you to save precious time and to build trust inside your teams.

About Sociocracy 3.0
Sociocracy 3.0 was first conceived by Bernhard Bockelbrink and James Priest in 2014 and launched as an open source framework in March 2015. Liliana David joined the team soon after and together they regularly collaborate to develop both the framework and the website.

More info: http://sociocracy30.org/

Session Sociocracy 3.0
Session Sociocracy 3.0

20th of October, 2017: Agile Tour London – Talk: Introduction to Sociocracy 3.0 – Effective collaboration at any scale

Agile Tour London 2017 - Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Sociocracy 3.0 (by Bernhard Bockelbrink and James Priest) has its roots in classic sociocracy and agile/lean thinking. Sociocracy 3.0 offers a collection of principle-based patterns for various areas of organisational development.

We will explain the basic concepts and look at some patterns regarding co-creation and evolution, meeting practices, and organisational structures. Sociocracy 3.0 is not a new “version” of agile, nor an organisational operation system to be installed… it’s an open and adaptive framework… You’re invited to change things in your organisation by applying patterns when there is value in doing so.


6th of July, 2017: Scrum Day Europe, Amsterdam – Talk: “Create products with impact”


Scrum Day Europe 2017

Even with great development teams, we sometimes produce mediocre products. Those products might be of excellent technical quality, but do those products solve actual customer’s needs? So what’s worthwhile? Although we try to leave the views of the industrial age behind, and we embrace an agile paradigm, Scrum is quite often simply applied to manage software development as a lineair manufacturing pipeline. Request in, feature out.

Hence the question how we can augment from “good” to “great” products? A product or service with an impact. A product that makes a difference in people’s life. We look at conditions necessary to be able create products with impact. We discuss what kind of thinking is necessary. We look at some tactics, tools and techniques possible to utilise and adopt within a Scrum context. You will see examples of impact maps, roadmaps and visualisations to integrate customer discovery and learning in your product development flow.

22nd of June, 2017: Lean Startup Belgium: session on Lean UX, incremental UX


17th of March, 2017: Leancamp Brussels open space – Focus on Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile Development

leancamp brussels

LeanCamp is an Open Conference where the worlds of Lean Startup, design thinking, lean innovation, agile and customer experience are connected. This format is famous across the world for its unleashing of crossovers, knowledge and creating a vibe in the startup community. And now for the first time in Belgium! Let’s show that we care about a more entrepreneurial spirit in Belgium and join Lean Camp or at least share this event! It is an UNCONFERENCE meaning that you are responsible for what you get out of it. You set the agenda.

Leancamp Brussels

24th of November, 2016: XP Days Benelux, 2016: Lean startup boardgame

XP Days Benelux 2016

23 november, 2016: Agile Dojo “Creëren van een waardevol softwareproduct”

@Agile Holland

“The question today isn’t: Can we build this?- but should we build this?” door Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse .

Korte beschrijving: “Er zijn een heleboel redenen waarom softwareprojecten falen, een van de belangrijkste oorzaken hiervoor is dat we producten ontwikkelen die niemand wil.”

4th of November, 2016: Lean Kanban Benelux – Lean startup simulation

Lean Kanban Benelux

21th of October, 2016: Agile Tour London – Playing Lean session

Agile Tour London 2016 Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse Lean Startup game

Agile Tour London

17th of October, 2016: Scrum Alliance gathering (Munich) session –  The question today isn’t: “Can we build this?’ but, “Should we build this?”


Scrum Alliance Gathering Munich

Session Type: Talk
Summary: There are lots of reasons why products fail, but the number one reason remains the fact that we simply build something nobody wants.
Learning Objectives:

“Are we building the right thing? Our end-users can tell if we are building the “right” thing. But sometimes they do not know either. We are dealing with “know unknowns” and “unknown unknowns”. Get some insight how to create a process of continuous discovery and continuous learning.

Key points of the session:

  • Expressing assumptions and declaring hypotheses
  • Focus on outcomes the purpose of experiment design, and how to focus on testing the right “things”
  • How to create a continuous feedback loop with your end-user
  • How to integrate lean startup principles in your agile product development
  • How to get validated learning and examples of how to reach product/market fit
  • We discuss lean tools and techniques how to value making over analysis and how to value learning over growth.
  • We present examples of techniques for experimenting.

23h of September, 2016: Agile Tour Brussels – Playing Lean session

Agile Tour Brussels

15th of September, 2016: House of Innovation, Antwerp – Lean Startup 1 day training with Playing Lean and Lean Canvas

30th of August, 2016: iLean – Playing Lean session

iLean.be: Playing Lean session

In this free evening workshop, we will play the board game ‘Playing Lean’. As a player, you will need to conduct experiments, build your product, invest in your company and sell your product. Do you get product-market fit? Who will conquer the mass market first? And this way, you will learn you the principles of Lean Startup in a fun way.

26th of August, 2016: Darefest – Happiness for teams session (Management 3.0)

Darefest Antwerp

11th of July, 2016: Agile Belgium – Lego Serious Play workshop

Agile Belgium Meetup

30th of May, 2016: Agile Belgium – Management 3.0 workshop

Agile Belgium Meetup

7th of April, 2016: Agile Tuesday – Playing Lean workshop

Agile Tuesday Meetup

8th of January, 2016: Lean Startup: Playing Lean workshop

Full day workshop on Lean Startup, learn while Playing Lean. (organization with Tore Rasmussen)

December 14th, 2015: Agile Belgium – Agile Games Night

An evening of agile, lean, collaboration, team simulations, games: share and learn!
Read about the evening

November 2nd, 2015: Agile Tour Brussels: Lean UX workshop

Intro workshop on Lean UX: applying principles of lean, design thinking and agile product engineering. From hypotheses, to designing experiments and the importance of metrics. Apply the cycle of “Build, measure, learn” to the design of your product or service and its User eXperience.

Agile Tour Brussels

September 28th, 2015: Agile By Example – Lean UX workshop: Cross-functional product design

Intro workshop on lean approach to product design and development.

Agile By Example 2015

September 10th, 2015: Agile Belgium – Agile Games Night

Read about the evening