This was Leancamp Brussels 1st edition

LeanCamp is an Open Conference where the worlds of Lean Startup, design thinking, lean innovation, agile and customer experience are connected. This format is famous across the world for its unleashing of crossovers, knowledge and creating a vibe in the startup community. What’s an open… Read More

Empty my cup of tea

Originally posted on Hadrian's Agile Wall:
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen. Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring. The professor watched the overflow…

The Agile landscape – should we care?

Yes, “agile” is an umbrella term, the word was chosen by the signatories of the agile manifesto. Who-ever would be referring to the agile method, doesn’t understand what agile refers to. The existence of many agile methods, frameworks and approaches (no, Scrum is not the… Read More


Een belangrijk element in een continue verbeteringsproces is een continue cyclus van plannen, uitvoeren, verifiëren en bijstellen. De uitdaging is om deze cyclus herhaaldelijk te blijven uitvoeren, zodat de zin voor kwaliteitsverbetering een continue gegeven wordt. De indeling van deze stappen zijn de stappen zoals… Read More

Playing Lean facilitator tips

Playing Lean is a business simulation, in the format of a board-game to learn about lean startup principles and practices. The following facilitator tips are based upon those experiences. Some of the tips are more advanced (meaning these take time to prepare). You might not… Read More

Worrying interpretations of Scrum

Originally posted on Ullizee:
At an Agile event I attended recently the speaker surveyed the audience about the 9 elements that form Scrum. My suspicion was immediately raised with mentioning of “9”. It only got worse when the speaker came up with: It got me wondering…

The Future Present of Scrum (Are we Done yet?)

Originally posted on Ullizee:
Scrum turns 21. Thank YOU! Scrum was for the first time publicly presented and described in the paper “Scrum Development Process” in 1995. Scrum is turning 21 years old. It starts and ends with people. Scrum can only last and prosper -across the globe, across…

Essential Agile

The essentials of Agile software (product) development: Accept that you start not knowing the solution. Understanding is emergent. Take the following approach: Find out where you are Take a small step towards your goal (and if there are multiple choices here, take the path of… Read More

Iterative Vs Incremental approach

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 Iteration is to beautify what increment is to expansion. Lot of times we hear these terms as iterative development or the incremental development. So whats these are or what is the basic difference in between these two? Iterative development is the…